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How BlueRiverMall.com came to be

My name is TJ and have always been a hard worker and made good money. After over 30 years of hard work, I was declared disabled after a 4th back surgery which failed.

With the help of a good friend coaching me, I built this online Shopping mall. I do not sell any of my own products, but promote reputable Stores for a commission of the sales. This is called affiliate marketing. Although Nobody is going to get rich on a per sale basis, it is all about volume. I didn't build it according to many popular sites, but used the mindset as walking into a brick and mortar mall with stores lined up on both sides providing a choice of stores to shop in.

While this site is based upon affiliate stores, I do consider and post a helping hand for some small online business stores that are trying to get up and running. The deciding factor for this help is they must have a good product or service, and have proven themselves via me personally purchasing their product from them and being satisfied with their product and service.

Yes, this site is my way of trying not to be dependent upon disability benefits, but just as important to me is to provide a service to you that will bring you an enjoyable and satisfying experience. I hope you will use this site for your future shopping.

Should you have any suggestions on how I can improve the ease of shopping at BlueRiverMall.com, or would like to just say hi, please, feel free to email me at support@bluerivermall.com